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Baby-friendly living room.

Our little one is almost 6 months old (where did the time go?!) and it’s time to get rid of our modern Copenhagen, sharp-edged, steel and heavy glass, neutral-colored decor. Our living room was full of concussions and bloody noses waiting to happen. Luckily, we found a buyer on Craigslist who we tricked into buying our coffee table/art piece/150lbs of glass and steel craziness. And, we moved our beloved dark grey shag rug into the guest room (which is now being turned into my husband’s office/man cave). My husband couldn’t bear to part with our sleek, high-gloss white entertainment set. It’s sits pretty low to the ground, so I’m hoping all I have to do is just baby proof the corners from baby Zayne. Our couch is custom-made from Crate & Barrel. It’s very large and heavy, but it is so comfy and safe enough and really glad we didn’t have to get rid of it!! (because then, I’d be out two grand – no bueno).

I thought that if I head over to HomeGoods or search onto the Joss & Main app, I’d easily find something and have it within two days. NOPE. This is much harder than a thought! It’s been a week of an empty living space! Or just a huge space for Zayne to roll (or attempt to roll) around in.

I plan to design it from being a mid century modern living room into mid century boho (hopefully, you get my vision). Here is an inspiration photo of Rebecca Minkoff’s living room from PopSugar:

one kings lane_rebecca minkoff_REBECCA AND KIDS

Just choosing a rug is such a hard task. Now, I could easily buy a similar rug as shown above, however, I have to also think practically. “Will baby Zayne stain the crap out of a white rug?” or “Will he want to eat the the fibers off the shag rug?” Probably not, but there still poses a risk that he will. True story: I bought 3 rugs, and I kept NONE them. The search goes on…

Regarding the big object that sits in the middle of living rooms – coffee tables, I was planning to buy a large round tufted ottoman so that Zayne can freely stand and eat off of it as he pleases. But, I’m struggling within myself to NOT buy a wooden, mid century coffee table with those cute little winged legs. Reason being is that the tufted ottoman weighs 50 pounds! Whereas, a wooden coffee table weighs about 10 pounds. I just was thinking if I can easily remove the coffee table when he wants to use the entire space to play or if that would be a pain in the ass since it might be like every single day. Yes, I know #firstworldproblems 


Lastly, I bought a couple of hippie decor – a brown moroccan leather pouf and a black and white bohemian wall decor (similar to photos below).

Another thing is, our living room isn’t that big (or at least compared to the other doctors’ homes who have 3,000-8,000 square feet homes and two living rooms). Our home is a little bitty 1800 square feet home with just one living room. That means, we’ll have to share our space with the baby’s play area. Zayne has a big nursery, but I’d like him to feel more welcomed in the living room with us. We’ve concluded that our adult space is our master bedroom and office. We stopped cosleeping with him once he turned 10 weeks. It was night and day. But, that’s another topic I can talk about at a later time. (Sorry, going off on another tangent!)

I hope within the next week or so, I will get to completing redecorating our living space and by then, I’ll post an update of how everything looks; along with some baby-proofing tips!




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