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Husband’s First Birthday as a Dad.

It was my husband’s 34th birthday coming up and I needed to do something well-deserved for him. He’s been working 12 hour shifts for 10 days straight – the life of a doctor. And, he’s amazing. After a long day at work, he still manages to give baby his bedtime bath, read a story to him, and sometimes puts him to bed. He makes sure I’m fed and that we have a proper dinner (proper meaning a whole dinner, not just fast food). This is all happening while he still manages working at home such as doing dictations, billing, and documentation to catch up with work all before his 10pm bedtime (my husband’s).

Anyway, yes back to birthday planning. Since he’s been showing lots of stress over at work, he lost weight and motivation to do anything enjoyable outside of family time, I wanted to do something different and memorable. Hard to do when we’ve been together almost 9 years and each year needs to top the last (or so they say). Last year, his birthday was a snowboarding trip to Mammoth for a week while I was 2 months pregnant. How could I top that?!

(Side note: Trying to finish this blog post is taking forever – all Zayne wants to do is cuddle and breastfeed today. They call this a “growth spurt.” Whatever that means because its the longest growth spurt ever…like every day since he turned 4 months old. Geezus.)

I decided to do something I haven’t done – rock climbing. We’re in Arizona, that seems to be the trend. Also, I wanted to do something out of his comfort zone – massages. That’s just him though; he doesn’t like it and only because I think he hasn’t had a good massage yet and my mission is for him to like them!

img_0410Gift #1 On his actual birthday, I hired a personal massage therapist to come over to the house and set up in our backyard that overlooks the mountains and arrange aromatherapy and music to be played for 90 minutes, while I take care of the baby inside. Sounds great, right? He loved it – except for the bees he kept hearing around him.img_0389Gift #2 I made a birthday onesie for Zayne to wear the morning of his birthday, and he loved it. I was never crafty, but I think having a child has released some sort of natural talent within me making Joann Fabrics and the Michael’s store a place I visit just because.

img_0454Gift #3 I gathered his closest friends to come indoor rock climbing with us. It was my first time and I was scared to look like a fool, but I decided to try it and fall on my ass and to do it gracefully. He loved it!!! Winner, winner! I had a private party room – no balloons or any special decorations, but I got a cake with some palm trees on it, sandwiches, chips and drinks. There was about 12 of us, so it was simple, but fun. The gym was pretty empty so we all fooled around and took photos, broke the rules like climbing next to each other and climbing barefoot.

So where was baby Zayne while we both were able to go and play? I hired a nanny from a nanny agency for the day. Zayne loved her and was great throughout the day with her. They came to the gym with us, so we had a close watch. It was well-worth it. Also, my feelings of allowing a stranger take care of my baby wasn’t so bad because I saw Zayne actually enjoy the nanny’s company. How come I have a nanny and not a grandparent or family to help? Our family is out-of-state. We wish we had my parents here to play with Zayne, but we don’t and the next best thing is a nanny. Finding one is such a challenge (see blog post: Everything Nanny).

Overall, I think I did a good job thoroughly planning his birthday. It came out better than expected. And, finally, my husband didn’t think about work or talk about it – so, I’m guessing it was successful! #wifegoals



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